Diane Goettlicher
Bird and GoldBlack Cross and Gold BirdIris Votive PaintingBird, Cross and Flowers
Votive Paintings
The idea of this small, contemporary type altar came to me while sitting on a plane going to visit family on the east coast this past winter. I had the urge to paint on something different from the usual canvas and at the same time I hoped to be able to have these paintings really feel separate from the others that I have done in the past. This is when a small shelf appeared in my sketches that I was working on in my journal.

The cross as an archetype keeps coming into view as I paint. In the future I hope to explore more of these symbols as well as the things that I love, namely the world of plants and nature.

Each panel is hand-made as well as the brass hanger. They include a variety of media; paint, metal and paper. The shelf holds votive candles, small flower vases, crystals, stones.......anything special.

Please contact me if you wish me to email you photographs of my current "votive paintings".