Diane Goettlicher
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Past Work
I consider myself to be more of a "process" artist than a "conceptual" one. Rather than starting with a concept, I simply begin painting as a means of self expression. Color speaks to me and the act of painting is the same as engaging in a conversation. This communication between myself and the canvas changes from minute to minute with the choices of depth, texture, placement, and hue. Sometimes I need to listen. Other times I need to speak. As in life, this conversation develops and matures. Certain movements arise organically and it is then that I feel that I can assert myself a bit more with what I feel the painting "needs" to come to completion. One may say that this is "painting out of the color."

The group of paintings in this folder were completed from 2002-2006. Each piece is framed in poplar that has been painted or stained to suit the painting.