Diane Goettlicher

My primary intention when working in the realm of painting and printmaking is that I wish to be involved with color. Because I enjoy the exploration of surface and texture, the process of lazure painting on canvas and printmaking on paper are of great interest to me as well. I thrive on the unpredictability of the lazure technique's use of transparent color and the many surprises that arise in the monoprinting process. My inspiration is the color itself; all other forms or things follow, many times remaining in the abstract or unthingness. I look at my finished paintings as a record of my process as I continue to express the play between the outer world and the inner world. To me, this interplay is the function of ART.

2012-2013: I now find myself committing to a new media, that of steel! This metal is heavy, hard, dirty, sharp and just plain a force to be reckoned with! I love that one's will needs to totally engaged to make it sing a song. I love to draw on the steel plate with white chalk (I love blackboard drawing for the same reason), then the cutting with the fire and all, painting outdoors, and shaping at the vise. It is all so wonderfully real and alive. I hope that you enjoy it too.